CPH8802H YO-Fun Scratcher For Cats


  • Curved shape design, easy for pet cats to find the most comfortable position to perch,Lie down, crouch, sway , scratch, doze off and play.
  • The product is made of strengthened compound cardboard, which can hold 30KG. with solid and strong structure, the product is sturdy, durable, safe and green.It is also able to reduce paper dust by 80%.
  • Designed and made in Taiwan.

  • Size/ Weight: shown as below
  • Material: corrugated cardboard
  • Place of origin: Taiwan




Important Suggestions and Precautions
The product has characteristics of paper material. Please be aware of the situations Mentioned below during usage.

  • The product is only suitable for pet cat to use indoors. It is not available for children to ride or play.
  • The product is made of corrugated paper. Paper dust or stains that remains on surface is inevitable after being used.
  • Avoid placing YO-Fun Scratcher For Cats near or in damp or humid areas, avoid contact with oil, keep it Away from fire, and prevent it from being hit, bumped, or impacted in any way.The above situations may cause stains on the product’s surface and /or reduce the Product’s life span.