CPH8812A Pets Basin(Cats Bed)

Features Introduction:
  • Specially designed environmentally friendly rest basin to provide your.
  • Pets great comfort and safety all year around.
  • Made from Recycled pulp, forming throng high pressure injection.
  • Smooth curving shape design that ensures safety and comfort.
  • Without plasticizer and heavy metal free.
  • Splash proof to be easy in cleaning, maintenance and odour reducing.
  • Material:Recycled pulp.
  • Weight:275g.





  • This product is intended solely for use of cats indoors.
  • This product is made with paper material, it may be partially shredded and stained over time.
  • For a long lasting product life, please keep this product away from water, oil, and fire. Heavy impacts on the product should also be avoided.